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Apartments in Cochin


We understand how much you value your living space. That’s why we want to ensure that your living space resemble your character and taste. Our team of interior designers helps you design your home according to your style. The furniture, the bedroom design or the color of drapes, our experts will help you create a beautiful ambience of your choice. Our services extend from drawing room interiors, kitchen interiors, bedroom interiors and dining areas. The idea is to sit along with you, exchanging your views with our professionals to create a marvellous living space that suits your character. Our designers have a long tradition of working alongside clients to develop a nuanced understanding of their requirements. This proven practice allows our designers to translate your fledgling concepts into concrete reality. The varieties of interior projects for houses and apartments in Cochin & across Kerala we have completed over the years are testimony to our creative input in the industry.

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Apartments in Kochi for sale


We believe that every living space we build is our own responsibility. We keep the commitment alive through our after sales service. The consistent after sales services have long formed the bedrock of innumerable residential solutions provided by Yeskay. Our staffs feel it incumbent upon them to go great length to make sure that clients remain happy for the remainder of home stay. We have a team of professionals to assist you with home care. Staffs are always at the ready to serve you with comprehensive services necessary for life of contentment at your new living space. At Yeskay we emphasize the importance of delivering round the clock services to keep the residents satisfied. In case of repairs or maintenance work at home we would be happy to assist you with professional services as per your requirement. We make sure you lead a comfortable life through our timely assistance at our flats and apartments in Kochi for sale.

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Builders in Cochin


Over the years Yeskay Builders in Cochin has served not only as a trusted builder but a financial partner who has been of considerable help to clients in facilitating complex loaning processes. Being equipped with broad network of financial experts and tie-ups with various banks enable us to give clients comprehensive assistance on finance front. We are constantly working towards raising the standard of services by involving experts in the industry to streamline the loaning processes for clients. We make a point of working closely with clients to develop a nuanced understanding of their requirements prior to helping you find the perfect loan scheme. We have numerous housing loan schemes of varying types to choose from. Formalities and documentation processes require minimum amount of time. We have ensured fewer complications in getting your loan approved. Our banks would process your requests at fast pace so that your dream home becomes truly yours.

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Flats in Kochi


Yeskay Builders, best providers of Flats in Kochi, attribute a large part of its success to the diverse range of rental services made available to clients. The practice of providing a variety of renting options and ideal locations has made Yeskay the first choice of rental providers among clients. The developers are fully committed to providing you with easy to follow instructions and walk you through rental procedures in a user friendly manner. The ease with which clients are able to glide past rental formalities is testimony to admirable services provided by the real estate developers. In addition to providing customers with timely rental services, Yeskay also strives to guarantee the availability of all amenities and infrastructural settings for each resident. It is no surprise that clients with varying tastes continue to find Yeskay builders rental services considerably more preferable to other builders in the industry. Yeskay is committed to making residents feel at home.

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